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Melodias de uma Alma Navegante: Uma Coleção de Poemas

Melodias de uma Alma Navegante: Uma Coleção de Poemas” by Betina Lobo, available in Portuguese, takes readers to a realm of contemplation and imagination where sophisticated poetry unveils the nuances of the human spirit. Through her metaphorically complex and meaningful poetry, Lobo explores the beauty hidden within our inner landscapes, challenging readers to consider life’s secrets. Her insightful remarks, which have their roots in Portuguese culture but appeal to all people, dispel stereotypes and offer a liberating journey into uncharted and amazing lands.

With themes of love, identity, joy, and loss, “Melodias de uma Alma Navegante” awakens the senses and reawakens dreams by illuminating the poetry present in ordinary moments. Lobo’s poetic language offers a transcendent escape into the domains of contemplation and imagination, a haven for the contemporary soul.

Title: Melodias de uma Alma Navegante: Uma Coleção de Poemas
Author: Betina Lobo
Language: Portuguese

HARDBACK ISBN: 9798892140546
PAPERBACK ISBN: 9798892140553
EBOOK ISBN: 9798892140560

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